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A lucky disappearance (Manresa)

Clara has been missing since this morning and we can't find her anywhere. With the group of friends we decide to look for her before saying anything to her parents, I'm sure she's come up with some serious joke of theirs and we don't want to worry them.

The truth is that I'm very lazy, lately there have been a lot of problems in the group and I don't really feel like doing anything with them. But what are we going to do about it, in this case we have to help each other and collaborate to be able to find her and see what has happened to her. The last time we saw him was this morning at school, but at playground time he disappeared and the only thing we found was a note on his desk that he put; I need to leave, I can't take it anymore.

Before jumping to conclusions, let's take a look at what might be the places she would go and that are important to her. We already have one to start looking for, so let's hurry to find her!

Can you help us before it's too late?

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Let's play!

Price: 14.99 €
* With a single payment you can play this game as many times as you want with the players that you choose.
For example, if you play a single match with 6 players, the cost per player is just 2.50 €.
Age Range:7 - 99
Time Limited?Yes
Players:1 - 6
Mistake Penalizations: No
Hint Penalizations: No

Let's play!

Manresa, Plaça d'Anselm Clavé

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Escapa Fumete (escapa_fumete)
A lucky disappearance

Thank you for letting us participate in this project. Even though we have been doing escape rooms for many years, we had never done this type of activity, but overall we liked it very much!