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Resolve puzzles to discover amazing stories about real celebrities, buildings and places that keep children and adults engaged while they learn.


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User comments

Mindunders Escapistas (mindunders_escapistas)
The apple of discord 2.0

It's a game of easy use, suitable for all audiences. [...] An excellent initiative that hides a lot of work and love behind it, and that will grow as the months go by.

Zugzwang Escape (zugzwangescap)
The last testimony

It was fun to play, and we also discovered some corners of the Park Güell that we did not know, and we have been there a thousand times! In addition, it is very good at an informative and cultural level. Congratulations from the whole team for the design of the game and the web and all the creativity and work behind it!

Roger (roroco7)
The Gothic's Secret

We really liked it! It was me and my partner and we found it really interesting. We learned new things that we didn't know about the city.

Andrea Robles (aroblees2)
CER explosions

Honestly, we found it very entertaining and we liked it very much. Thank you so much for counting on us, the result will be very cool!

Los Anchoas (losanchoas1994)
The Gothic's Secret

The truth is that you have chosen some very cool areas, both the very touristy ones and some lesser known streets. We had a great time and we think it's a cool game to do with the family!

Hijos de Caín (hijosdecain_jv)
The cure for rage

The truth is that we came with very low expectations for not knowing what we were going to find, but we were very pleasantly surprised. It has been a challenge and we have run a lot, and the kids have had a great time.

Segur que te Escapas (SQTE) (segurqueteescapas)
The heir to the Guilds 2.0

A fun way to learn about the history and curiosities of Barcelona, move around a bit and socialize with friends.

Ratgag (ratgang.2escape)
Dena of the future

It's a very good idea, especially if you do it with the family can be fun. I'm not from Girona (my partner is) and I've seen things I've never seen before, so it's interesting. I think it must be more difficult if you play it in a city that is not yours. And a good way to do tourism!

Judith Villamor (judi_foodie)
The Gothic's Secret

"The Secret of the Gothic'' allows you to discover and rediscover corners of this beautiful neighborhood. We chose the intermediate difficulty, which allows you to spend an entertaining time but in an affordable way for those who know less about the city. Recommended for those who want to spend a different kind of afternoon!

Improescapers (improescapers)
The Gothic's Secret

The idea of discovering secrets and curiosities of the city seemed like a great plan. The CollabOut team was very attentive to everything and willing to review its content. For us it's an activity that combines history, leisure and sport in a very original way [...]. We are looking forward to going on excursions to try them all!

Escapa Fumete (escapa_fumete)
A lucky disappearance

Thank you for letting us participate in this project. Even though we have been doing escape rooms for many years, we had never done this type of activity, but overall we liked it very much!

Roomiks (roomiks)
The Gothic's Secret

It is a different and entertaining activity, we had not done any activity like this, it is good to discover the city and do it with friends or family. The website, the audios and the hints were very cool, and we think that the 3 options they give you at the beginning of the game are very good.

Pily Sánchez (pilyyy12)
CER explosions

We loved being able to do this CollabOut in Sabadell. We really enjoyed it and it allowed us to get to know the city better, we will definitely do it again!

Sandra Jiménez (sanndrinez)
The heir to the Guilds 2.0

The texts were curious and fun, and the plot of the guilds is also quite original. What is very good is the dynamic; it is a way to walk and do some exercise, you can do it alone or in a group and it also teaches you things about the city.

Cristina Ortega (cristtinaortega)
CER explosions

The experience has been different from the conventional room escapes, to get to know Sabadell is very good! [...] You can see in our faces that we had a good time, thank you very much for trusting us!

Viajando a mi ritmo (Gemma) (viajandoamiritmo_)
The heir to the Guilds 2.0

We knew almost all the spots, but there were 2 or 3 that we didn't and I love getting to know new places in Barcelona.

Alejandro (alejand_ponce)
Els records perduts 2.0

We really liked the concept and the development of the game, we found it to be both fun and instructive at the same time!

Ivan Garcia (ivangarciareboredo)
Els records perduts 2.0

Great game and great work! We have been in Sant Cugat for a short time and the game has helped us to get to know more about the city, congratulations!

Nocturnal Escapists (nocturnal.escapists)
The dog and the forgotten books

The story that is proposed to you is quite clear from the beginning, and it hooks you little by little to want to continue advancing in the adventure. The truth is that we had a good time, discovering details of the city that we had never noticed before. An experience that we recommend to do both with friends and family, and that can be interesting to take the kids to discover the city.

Cristina Vila (cristina_vila_gisbert)
CER explosions

We thought it was a very good idea to get to know the heritage of the city. We did it quite quickly, in about 40 minutes, because we knew the buildings well.

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