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The heir to the Guilds 2.0 (Barcelona)

There are strange disappearances in the Born neighborhood. You are part of Barcelona's Special Rescue Team and have been tasked with finding out the origin of this phenomenon.

Your investigation takes you to the Plaza de Lluís Millet, and you see that there someone has left a message addressed to the Rescue Corps: a character called El Gremista is the one who kidnapped the missing people.

He informs you that there is a possibility of freeing them and reaching an agreement: you must manage to get to where the hostages are and pass the tests that have been put to you by Born within an hour and a half. Watch out, because if you run out of time, it will kill them all.

Only with your wits and skills can you deal with this mysterious enemy and uncover his hidden motives. The Special Rescue Corps and the kidnapped people need your help!

Let's play!

Price: 14.99 €
* With a single payment you can play this game as many times as you want with the players that you choose.
For example, if you play a single match with 6 players, the cost per player is just 2.50 €.
Age Range:12 - 99
Time Limited?Yes
Players:1 - 6
Mistake Penalizations: 3 seconds
Hint Penalizations: 2 seconds

Let's play!

Barcelona, Plaça Lluís Millet

Recommended means of transport:

Here you can find the start location for this adventure:

Approximate route length: 2100m

User comments

Segur que te Escapas (SQTE) (segurqueteescapas)
The heir to the Guilds 2.0

A fun way to learn about the history and curiosities of Barcelona, move around a bit and socialize with friends.

Viajando a mi ritmo (Gemma) (viajandoamiritmo_)
The heir to the Guilds 2.0

We knew almost all the spots, but there were 2 or 3 that we didn't and I love getting to know new places in Barcelona.

Sandra Jiménez (sanndrinez)
The heir to the Guilds 2.0

The texts were curious and fun, and the plot of the guilds is also quite original. What is very good is the dynamic; it is a way to walk and do some exercise, you can do it alone or in a group and it also teaches you things about the city.

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