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The Gothic's Secret (Barcelona)

The criminal known as the Gremista, who kidnapped so many people in the Born neighborhood some time ago, is doing his thing again. For those who do not know the identity of this criminal, he was a former hat merchant in a small place in Born that fell into oblivion due to lack of customers, swallowed by newer, modern and tourist shops. Moved by anger and misery, he wants to make these neighborhoods pay by causing an uproar and spreading fear throughout Barcelona.

Since the Gremista managed to escape, it is not surprising that there have been cases of disappearances again, this time in the Gothic area. Although the Rescue Corps has tried to hide the case, word has already spread through the streets and the media, and people are afraid of becoming the next victims.

This dangerous character has once again left you some writings with clues to solve, hidden in the Romanesque and Gothic area of the city. But his new hideout isn't the only thing you have to find, but also a hidden message hidden among the clues that will be crucial to the final confrontation.

Will you manage to defeat the Gremista once and for all and return peace to the neighborhoods of Barcelona?

- All objects described in the story are virtual, don't look for anything physical!!
- If at some point you don't know where to go, the clues will show you the different locations.

Let's play!

Price: 14.99 €
* With a single payment you can play this game as many times as you want with the players that you choose.
For example, if you play a single match with 6 players, the cost per player is just 2.50 €.
Age Range:12 - 99
Time Limited?Yes
Players:1 - 6
Mistake Penalizations: 2 seconds
Hint Penalizations: 2 seconds

Let's play!

Barcelona, Els 4 gats

Recommended means of transport:

Here you can find the start location for this adventure:

Approximate route length: 1700m

User comments

Los Anchoas (losanchoas1994)
The Gothic's Secret

The truth is that you have chosen some very cool areas, both the very touristy ones and some lesser known streets. We had a great time and we think it's a cool game to do with the family!

Judith Villamor (judi_foodie)
The Gothic's Secret

"The Secret of the Gothic'' allows you to discover and rediscover corners of this beautiful neighborhood. We chose the intermediate difficulty, which allows you to spend an entertaining time but in an affordable way for those who know less about the city. Recommended for those who want to spend a different kind of afternoon!

Roger (roroco7)
The Gothic's Secret

We really liked it! It was me and my partner and we found it really interesting. We learned new things that we didn't know about the city.

Improescapers (improescapers)
The Gothic's Secret

The idea of discovering secrets and curiosities of the city seemed like a great plan. The CollabOut team was very attentive to everything and willing to review its content. For us it's an activity that combines history, leisure and sport in a very original way [...]. We are looking forward to going on excursions to try them all!

Roomiks (roomiks)
The Gothic's Secret

It is a different and entertaining activity, we had not done any activity like this, it is good to discover the city and do it with friends or family. The website, the audios and the hints were very cool, and we think that the 3 options they give you at the beginning of the game are very good.

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