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The apple of discord 2.0 (Barcelona)

By accident, in your grandfather's attic you found a trunk full of things that belonged to your great-grandfather. Among them, there is a letter written to him by none other than Antoni Gaudí, the famous modernist architect. It turns out that they were close friends from childhood.

Still moved by the surprise, you prepare to read the letter: it turns out that Gaudí secretly created a work in honor of the long years of friendship with your great-grandfather. Because he didn't want it to become public and for anyone to discover it, he hid it in a place that can only be reached by following directions. And he wrote them in this same letter!

But it will certainly not be an easy task. As you can see, he has left many unknowns that can only be solved by going to different modernist monuments in Barcelona, both Gaudí's own and other artists who followed this same style.

Get ready to delve into the secrets of modernist Barcelona, and discover Gaudí's mysterious and unknown work.

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Price: 14.99 €
* With a single payment you can play this game as many times as you want with the players that you choose.
For example, if you play a single match with 6 players, the cost per player is just 2.50 €.
Age Range:10 - 99
Time Limited?Yes
Players:1 - 6
Mistake Penalizations: 3 seconds
Hint Penalizations: 2 seconds

Let's play!

Barcelona, Fundació Antoni Tàpies

Recommended means of transport:

Here you can find the start location for this adventure:

Approximate route length: 1400m

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Mindunders Escapistas (mindunders_escapistas)
The apple of discord 2.0

It's a game of easy use, suitable for all audiences. [...] An excellent initiative that hides a lot of work and love behind it, and that will grow as the months go by.