Author: CollabOut

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CER explosions (Sabadell)

Sponsored by: NaN-tic

We have just learned that the CER (Congregation of Evil Radicals) wants to exploit some important buildings and monuments in Sabadell.

Images and passwords are combined in this adventure. You'll need a well awakened mind and a good visual memory.

The situation is especially serious, so you may need to ask the people you meet on the street if they recognize any of the buildings. Of course, try to give the least information, if the chaos takes over the city you may not be in time to save it.

Are you ready?

Let's play!

Price: 4.99 €
* With a single payment you can play this game as many times as you want with the players that you choose.
For example, if you play a single match with 6 players, the cost per player is just 0.83 €.
Age Range:10 - 99
Time Limited?Yes
Players:1 - 6
Mistake Penalizations: 10 seconds
Hint Penalizations: 30 seconds

Let's play!

Sabadell, Carrer Llobet cantonada Carrer Salut

Recommended means of transport:

Here you can find the start location for this adventure:

Approximate route length: 1700m

User comments

Pily Sánchez (pilyyy12)
CER explosions

We loved being able to do this CollabOut in Sabadell. We really enjoyed it and it allowed us to get to know the city better, we will definitely do it again!

Cristina Vila (cristina_vila_gisbert)
CER explosions

We thought it was a very good idea to get to know the heritage of the city. We did it quite quickly, in about 40 minutes, because we knew the buildings well.

Cristina Ortega (cristtinaortega)
CER explosions

The experience has been different from the conventional room escapes, to get to know Sabadell is very good! [...] You can see in our faces that we had a good time, thank you very much for trusting us!

Andrea Robles (aroblees2)
CER explosions

Honestly, we found it very entertaining and we liked it very much. Thank you so much for counting on us, the result will be very cool!